With all of the uncertainties of the past few years, many individuals have turned to the idea of starting their own business. These individuals are what we would consider perspective entrepreneurs.
An entrepreneur (ahn’tra pra nur) is a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit. Any person (any age) who starts and operates a business is an entrepreneur.
But we know that we all can’t start at the top, and that is where the concept of a “small business” comes in.
So, what is a Small Business?
“Smallness” is relative. Defined, small business is any independently owned and operated business, not dominant in its competitive area, employing less than 500 people.
Now let’s talk about this idea a little further, because as with any important project, we must take many aspects into consideration before we even dot the first “I” or spend our first dollar. In all honesty, anyone can start a business, but doing it right from the beginning is what separates you from the “start & die” and the successful idea that develops into something which you can actually live off of. We must first begin with a strong business plan…from there all things will fall into place.